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Get an exclusive choreography adapted to you
Train it and get comfortable with the choreo in private lessons
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Lovely Dance by Raquel Garrido

Your wedding dance is one of the most beautiful and romantic moments of your wedding, everyone looks at you, you are with your partner in the center of the dance floor, and the music begins to play.

You are on the spotlight and it is your moment to shine! It is a magic moment that you will ALWAYS remember! It is important to truly enjoy this moment while creating an unforgettable memory for all your guests.

Prepare it with love and care, and do not panic even if you have two left feet or you are a complete beginner. It is possible to nail it and impress your friends and family!

Raquel has more than 10 years of experience with wedding dances (and she really loves them) through her initiative, Lovely Dance. More than one hundred couples have asked her to help with their wedding dances, and find the best style and level to have a blast no matter what!

Do you want something Romantic? Fun? Classic? Explosive?

Thinking about Valls, Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Modern, Regaeton…

No matter what you want or your starting dance level, your dreams can come true! Raquel will design a choreo exclusive for you adapted to your level & preferences


What is included?

Wedding dance song/ choreo advice:
Wedding dance song/ choreo advice: Not everyone wants the same in the open choreo, and if you have not been dancing before it could be difficult to find the right style that fits your personalities. We can guide you in the process of choosing a dance style or song that fits you.

We can also help you selecting the right song and offer you a wedding song playlist with all the classics and trending of the year.

Wedding dance exclusive Choreography: 

One choreography created only for you and adapted to your level, preferences and selected song. Forget about the choreos that you can see everywhere and which may not fit your personality at all. We offer you one choreo exclusively made for you.

Certainly, you can also suggest steps or changes to make it truly yours!

It’s your moment, your day!

Wedding dance package classes:
The wedding package is based on privates clases: that means that you will be the only students in the class! you will get the 100% attention and you can ask whatever you need and go to your own speed.
You can buy a package with certain number of classes and add privates classes later if  you think is needed.

Wedding song edition:
“Brevity is the soul of wit” probably Shakespeare wrote this when he saw a dance wedding that last 5 minutes. And essential element of your wedding dance is your song. I promise you, you want to keep it on the short side. Editing the song takes a lot of time. Most of the regular songs are too long to offer the right duration for your wedding dance.

We have years of experience preparing dancing shows, so we know the perfect timing for this.

We can do the song editing, to make it shorter and still keep all those great parts of the song you like.

The details that only years experience teach you:
After so many years of experience, we know what are the typical mistakes and the best tips for your wedding dance!

Raquel has learned the best tips to help you with the common problems like dealing with the skirt, the floor, the hair…

Everything will be ready and nothing will fail during the most important dance of your life


In short essence, you can choose the song and the dance style, not just limited to bachata & salsa (we got experience with waltz, jive, rock&roll, tango, kizomba, reggaeton, slow or funny choreos, … ) inside our and your possibilities.

We give you a choreography made to measureSo you choose your favourite song yourself, and we make a choreography adapted to your dance experience & wishes

The price is 600 € for 8 hours of classes, and 60 € for every extra hour you may want to take

If you want to make your opening wedding dance with us, or ask for some more info/doubt, just contact us, and we will help you with anything we are able. And, last but not least, congratulations for this new step in your life!