In our regular classes we aim at training the best dancers. This is always on the student, but we create the right path and give the tools to become a top dancer.

What makes us unique:

  • Structured methodology, with an order and system to teach every movement in a technical way, but also understandable for everybody
  • Dividing classes structured by levels for a better learning experience
  • Give personal feedback, and dancing with every student during the class
  • Teaching in small groups to ensure that we can pay attention to everyone individually
  • Keeping the fun moments, we focus a lot on technique, but we never forget that this is a hobby, a joyful activity designed to have fun, meet people and release stress
  • Focus on muscle memory and not brain memory, so you dance naturally without overthinking
  • Focus on real leading and following, not choreography style, learning variations from basic techniques to make sure you are not just copying us, or repeating the same dance move all over again, but truly creating your dance moves yourself
We also love to build a community with our students, don’t expect just a hello and goodbye teacher-student relationship