The idea behind the Show Teams projects is to learn and improve your dance skills in a different way, and feel the adrenaline of performing in front of an audience!

Why should you learn through a Show Team? It is a fun way to keep learning and improving. We use a choreo as a way to work hard on technique, performing skills, and specific bachata/salsa skills. Besides that, you will have the chance to train aspects of dancing that you don’t learn in regular classes, like stage presence, body lines, musical interpretation, aesthetics. Muscle memory is a pillar for this.

Of course, we can’t miss the great experience of feeling the audience cheering for you, wearing a shiny dance costume and building a second family with the team!

In our show teams we work to a great extent on technique, you will be given even more personalized feedback and we will support your progress all along. It requires more commitment than regular classes, and a lot will be expected of you.

Right now,we have three different teams:

-Bachata partner show team: Pasito Team 

-Bachata Lady Style show team: Bachateritas (2 groups)

If you want to join any of the show teams you need to make an audition, or speak with us to check if it is possible to join halfway.

-Bachata partner show team: Pro Team. This is a for the die-hard dancers who not only want to dance socially but at a professional level. This group requires very serious commitment so we keep it small and selective.