Start your salsa and bachata journey and learn the bases in one day

Join us next Sunday 17th October in our workshop created in collaboration with Mundo Armonía, and discover the marvellous world of latin dance

We are Raquel and Oscar, Spanish dancers with more than 10 years of experience teaching salsa and bachata in Vigo, Spain; and owners of Pasito Dance School.

We are analytic dancers, that have been and keep dedicating time to study not just the dance per se, from a biomechanic and communicational point of view,  but also teaching and learning techniques to create a senseful methodology.

We always try to create a good balance from technique and joy, being precise in explanations and personally helping each student to improve, but  also having a joyful environment, making jokes and trying to become close to people and create a family feeling.

Dancing is our job, but also our passion, and we want to share with everybody. We would love to help you discover the amazing world of latin dance community, that will let you release stress, have wonderful moments, and meet people all around the world and socialize super easily.


Salsa is called like that because its not just a music gender, but a mixture of a lot of them. Its main root is cuban soon, mixed with New York jazz and blues music, starting at the 30s to be born as mambo music, but getting its identity as salsa during the late 60s. It is a dance style that usually has high energy, based both in communication by leading and following between a couple through the hands, to make turn patterns, and solo movements based on body isolation and footwork


Bachata is a music gender born in Dominican Republic around 1962 born mainly as a mix of bolero and cuban son, but also getting highly influenced by merengue. It has 3 main styles that we like to mix while dancing, with different techniques behind, but the main point is that has a lower energy than salsa and is more based on connection, using less momentum and being more based around frame and creating energy through breathing

Both bachata and salsa are based around leading and following

That means, that one rol (traditionally guys) creates the combination and leads to tell what is going to happen, the other rol (traditionally ladies) follows that leading and executes the movements, being the one that “dances” and moves more and having freedom to express but inside the movements that were leaded. Nowadays, is more and more common to lead and follow independently of your gender, and you can see Raquel in every social event dancing as much, if not more, as a leader than following. We tell you that because is not optimal to try to learn both  at the same time, since the fundamentals are different and would be super confusing and make the process slower. So, we kindly ask you to decide for one rol before registering, and stick to it at the beginning, so we also can keep a balance after registering for the classes and keep everyone dancing.

Send us your info to save your spot, and we will contact you about any further detail or question you may have



We have to close the list for followers coming without a partner to keep a balance. If you want to join as a follower, you still can send the form to get into the waiting list or get an update about future workshops. You also can still join if you find a leader to come with

There is also the possibility to join us on the 24th October, which will be the same kind of workshop but open to general public.


Contact us through the Form up here, or by phone, so we can put you in the list, and we will send you a payment link for the reservation. We want to keep a balance between leaders and followers, so we can’t accept payments before checking that.

No. This is a collaboration between Pasito Dance School and Mundo Armonía, so the details about it are just being shared to Mundo Armonia customers. Although, if you want to bring any person you know with you, feel free to share. We are just limiting the promotion to this certain group, but you can share it if you know a person that may be interested

We make introduction workshops from time to time, open to all the public. There is another one already planned same hour and place the 24th of October, open to all public.

Although, if there are more people interested that couldn’t get into the list, we will make a second workshop in collaboration with Mundo Armonia. We never want to make groups way too big, since we always look to give personal feedback to everybody

At first, it is not possible. If we find another person to get your spot we have no problem for it, but due to those spots being limited, we can’t cancel reservations. What we can do is save your payment as credit for future workshop/classes, so you could attend a different event using it

This is a absolute beginners class, so everyone can join without any previous experience needed. As we like to say, everyone is able to learn regardless of experience or talent; if you can move daily, you can dance

Street shoes are not allowed inside the building, so make sure to bring either shocks if you are ok dancing only with them, or a clean pair of shoes.

About clothes, anything works as far as you are confortable.